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Anybots’ Virtual Presence Systems enhance quality of life and enables you to be where your heart needs to be, but you can’t.


QB2.0 implements now WebRTC. Its head was redesigned & upgraded to latest technology including a larger screen and HD cameras for driving even when conferencing is turned off. Read more...


You can now add payload to Anybots robust balancing & drive unit (OEM part) to address a specific solution that you have identified or for your research project. Read more...

Video conferencing on wheels

Can't make it? Send a robot. Unlike traditional conferencing systems, QB is a telepresence robot that let's you wander around the office, a warehouse or home just as if you were there, allowing you to engage spontaneous conversations with your colleges, friends or family, with just a browser.

"Bot-in" and drive to that important meeting or be that special groomsman at your best pal's wedding!

Anybots streamlines your remote telepresence experience with WebRTC integration! All you need is a recent Chrome browser installed, no additional software, no plugin.

How it works...

How it works

Virtual Presence utilizes the Internet to transmit audio & video between the pilot and his QB avatar.

The control commands are sent via a secured WebSocket. With a good connection, the latency of the video is short enough that the pilot can react with steering controls in real-time, even half way around the globe.

The QB avatar has a robust balancing platform and can operate at human height. So your interactions are natural and just as if you were standing there face-to-face.

Equipped with a LiDAR QB assists the pilot steering around obstacles while the new wheels provide stable & quieter rides.

QB has 2 high-definition cameras. The "conferencing" camera to capture the view straight ahead while talking to an encounter and the fisheye "drive" camera for a wide view while moving around, even when you are not in conferencing mood or just using Anybots' balancing unit for your own project. Read more...

A microphone captures what is being said to you while a speaker reproduces your voice on your avatar. QB has a larger LCD screen to display your live video stream or loop a video of your choice to promote a product or an event while driving QB around.

To drive QB, you use the arrow keys on your keyboard. forward reverse turn left turn right.

While it was first created for conferencing, you can adapt any project onto QB.


Wheels for the Internet of Things

Try Anybots' headless drive for your connected device! Get Anybots stand-alone base unit and build your project on top of it's sturdy self-balancing system and assisted steering. You can directly connect & drive QB within your NAT using its NEW web interface and build you own custom web app for your smartphone or laptop using our drive API.

Give your Arduino or Raspberry Pi a ride while collecting data in realtime, but it can be anything like a smartphone or a tablet.

QB self-balancing system will bear your pay-load while steering and driving through exiguous spaces and onto rough surfaces. Its integrated LiDAR prevents hard collisions and assists you driving around obstacles. Although QB is not weather proof, you can still take it for a ride outdoors on a sunny day using a 4G connection.

Read more about how QB is been used.

Meaningful applications

While Personal Users can use QB to help keep an eye on things when they cannot be there in person, Business clients can employ QB to strengthen in-office collaboration by expanding their employees’ telecommuting options.

Health & Education

Users in education and healthcare can keep QB in-facility to bring in specialists and guests. QB provides increased quality of life for those with disabilities (read Mike Phillips -spinal muscular atrophy- user story) or patients that need to momentarily stay physically away from their social environment (read Grady, age 9 -post bone marrow transplant- user story).

QB allows them to stay in touch with friends and family avoiding total social isolation that can result in a feeling of loneliness and depression.

Endless possibilities...

Endless array of flexible use models & solutions for businesses


A common use case for QB avatars is one avatar dedicated to one user. Many times, this is use case is employed for remote workers, as well as business managers who travel frequently and need a presence at the main office. Personal users may use the QB avatar to keep an eye on the kids while they are at work.


Visit many sites in the same day by stationing QB avatars in each of them. Be virtually present in Tokyo and then London and then Moscow in a matter of seconds!


One QB avatar can be utilized by any number of users at different times. Provide support for commercial or industrial equipment, or, enable remote tours of your facility by allowing users with a variety of skills or interest to operate your QB. Personal users may place a QB avatar at an elder’s home so multiple family members can visit any time.


The Anybots Virtual Presence System enables multiple persons to monitor and use multiple QB avatars. Enhance productivity of your front office receptionist or retail sales operations by pooling labor and deploying it globally!